Welcome to my life! Everyone has there own story. I don’t have much of one yet…but, I’m getting there. This is just random tidbits of my story, as I try to figure out the odds and ends of this thing we call “LIFE”!


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Hello! 😊 This is my blog. I’m nobody…just another soul out here trying to survive. I am a widow, mother of four. I am Alaskan Native (I’ve only been there once in my life), I am Aleut, of the Unangan people. My tribe is called Qawalangan. I did not grow up around my people, so I felt kind of lost. This is just a diary, so to say, of my journey to find myself. To find my path. Nothing too exciting, just a way to vent. And, if you feel like being nosey, welcome to my life…🤗


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